Android Design Guidelines

I joined the Android design community on Google+ recently. It’s a great resource and they had a UI/UX challenge. It was simple enough; use the Android design guidelines to design or redesign an App. It provided the inspiration I needed to start working with the guidelines. I redesigned the Cab4Me App. I also took a swing at reworking the features and functionality to make it a more unique experience.

My hypothesis for this idea is: People will show loyalty with this brand/app and go out of their way to get a cab from a specific company if they receive value/reward in return. Cab companies will create an open and honest relationship with people by disclosing the quickest and cheapest way to get to a location.




The Trip Planner is a new idea. Plot your location and learn about the best route and estimated cost for the trip. I think a Rewards feature would give customers a motivation to continue to use the same cab companies.


There’s a ton of room to improve the identity and branding. I’d also love the challenge of thinking through the social strategy and overall marketing for the app. An important UI that’s missing is the options screen. This is where you set your preferences (Disability, etc.) and select options (Room for luggage, etc.).


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