Artist brands

At DeviantArt we’re privileged to work with a community of 30+ million artists and creatives. When we’re launching a new product our initiative it requires an authentic voice, a clear understanding of why they need it, and a fluff-free value proposition. Recently, we launched one of our biggest mobile features: Notes & Notifications. To promote it we pulled the super talented Ross Tran to help. Ross is a multi-talented artist, and he has a serialized show (RossDraws) on DeviantArt and YouTube. He’s a great example of a young artist who is evolving his art into a brand. Everything you see his all created by him – a one man show. Like many young artists on DeviantArt – he’s successfully crafted a unique personality and voice for his audience. For our launch Ross took our mobile app on a road trip and he worked his magic.

Learn more about the super talented Ross Tran, or the latest updates on the DeviantArt mobile app.

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