A huge benefit to living in NY is the number of top quality Meetups that always seem to be going on. I went to ‘A Night of Gesture’, hosted by Deb Benkler and and Ken Lonyai. Below is their summary email from the night. Check out the links and if you’re in New York you should catch the next one.

Thanks again to our special guest, Anna Pereira from the MIT Media Lab.

We appreciate your patience with our technological issues. As promised, here’s a list of the gesture SDK’s we looked at:

Developer SDK, Toolkit & Documentation | Kinect for Windows
iisu SDK
Project opportunities | OpenNI
Evoluce SDK for Kinect | Multi-touch LCD displays and software for gesture control computing with a natural user experience
Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera Developer Kit
How GesturePak Works
SDK Download – SAMSUNG SMART TV APPS Developer Forum
Leap Motion | Our Story | Blog
Nanogest: Hand Gesture Recognition for iOS/Android — Nanocritical Corp.

These and many more will be available on the full web site in the future.

Here is the list of videos that we planned to show in their viewing order:

  1. PointGrab (mostly English)
  2. LG Finger Gesture control
  3. Introducing the Leap Motion
  4. Painter® Freestyle™ beta powered by Leap Motion
  5. SpaceTop
  6. A World of 3D Sensing by PrimeSense
  7. MYO – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs

BONUS – An NUI Kickstarter:

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